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Registration and Prequalification
Thank you for your interest in dealing with us.
Through this service, suppliers can register themselves in the Commercial Directory of the Department of Transport, apply for prequalification and track the status of their  prequalification application.
This service has been developed to facilitate suppliers’ registration procedures, speed up the prequalification process and communicate with all parties online.
New Registrations
If you have not done business with the DoT and you are interested in dealing with us, this is where you start.
First, you need to register your company in our commercial directory. To register now, click on the ‘Register Now’ link highlighted in the login box located at the right of this page and fill in the required details.
Once you complete the registration process online, you shall receive an email confirmation including your login details.
If your company is already registered in our records and would like to utilize this online service, click on ‘Generate user name and password’ and you will receive an email notification including the same.
Applying for Prequalification
After completing the registration process, you can login and apply for prequalification through the system. Procurement & Contracts Division will receive your application and will share their feedback via email.
You will not be able to apply for prequalification before completing the registration process.
Once your company has been prequalified, this service will allow you to:
  • Update you company profile online.
  • Track your prequalification status online.
  • Get invitations for tenders based on your profile.
  • Get reminders for renewing your licenses before they have expired.
The ultimate objective of this service is to allow suppliers to continuously update their profiles in our commercial directory to increase their market competitiveness and enhance the bidders list with qualified suppliers. It also enables us to communicate with all registered suppliers by e-mail to update their relevant data whenever needed.
For more information on this service or should you have any suggestions or comments, please feel free to contact Procurement & Contracts Division on the following contact details: 
Phone: +971 2 6566 258/597
Fax: +971 2 635 9616