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Public Tenders Advertisement : STEAM Major Model Update v3
Thursday, Aug 22, 2019
The development of the Abu Dhabi Department of Transport (DoT) Strategic Transportation Evaluation & Assessment Model (STEAM) commenced with the undertaking of household travel surveys in 2009 & 2015, with calibrated and validated major model releases in 2011 – v1 and 2017 – v2. Enhancements to the model have been on going, undertaken by DoT in-house with interim updates of the model typically released every 6 to 12 months.
DoT is proposing a major update of the model in 2020 as set out in this Scope of Services.
Part 1 – Consultancy Services - For 2020 DoT is proposing a major update of the model with a full recalibration of STEAM including new travel surveys as set out in this Scope of Services. 
DoT is seeking written proposals from consultants or consortiums of consultants with proven track record in travel demand model development and travel survey expertise to undertake this work. An independent peer review of the model development should be carried out at key stages throughout the project.
Part 2 – Registration of Interest for Travel Surveys - DoT is seeking registrations of interest from transport survey companies and market research companies to undertake the travel surveys that will be required to be undertaken as part of the study.  The travel surveys specifications will be finalized during the project.
The registrations of interest information will be provided to the successful bidder for Part 1, who will then issue a request for tender document for undertaking the travel surveys to be undertaken.