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Online Services

In line with its efforts to enhance the communication channels with its vendors and pre-qualified consultants, the Department of Tranport in Abu Dhabi launched the following electronic services that aim at reducing the time and effort required to use them.

Traffic Management Services
Road Work Permit
Parking Services
Supplier Services
Through this page, suppliers can register in DoT's commercial directory, apply for prequalification, and track their invoices and bills online.
Transportation Impact Study
This service enables our prequalified consultants to submit online applications to conduct Transportation Impact Studies (TIS) for projects requiring DoT's approval.
Clearance Certificate for Public Property Damage on Main Roads
You can now apply online for the clearance certificate that can be presented to the police department in case of damage to public property on highways due to accidents.
No Objection Certificate for Bus Registration Renewal
Through this service, individuals and business owners can request for the issuance of a No Objection Certificate (NOC) to renew their bus registration issued by Abu Dhabi Police.
My Account
Login to your account to utilize all online services offered by the Department of Transport through this website. This page also allows you to create a new account or recover your password in case you forgot it.
Travel Demand Forecasting
This online service enables prequalified consultants to access detailed technical information about STEAM model and the requirements to access it, in addition to providing the public with an overview of the model itself.
Feedback and Suggestions
Do not hesitate to share your feedback and suggestions through this page. Your input is extremely valuable to us.
ITP Services
School Bus Operator Permit
School Bus Operator Permit
Aviation Services
Abu Dhabi Toll Gate System
Abu Dhabi Toll Gate System Maintenance
Abu Dhabi Toll Gate System Maintenance