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Your Guide to Successful Air Travel
If you are a seasoned traveler or first time flyer, travelling by air can be a stressful prospect. In an attempt to reduce this stress, the Department of Transport (DoT) in Abu Dhabi has developed an aviation-related travel guide including a series of travel tips, relating specifically to the air travel part of the journey and designed to help air travelers plan their trips, protect their consumer rights and enjoy hassle free journeys.

Packed with information, recommendations and tips that optimize consumers’ budgets, choices, options and convenience, the travel guide also increases awareness about the unpredictable nuances and challenges associated with airport procedures and airline trips providing practical advice on how to avoid or overcome them.

First-time travelers can make the most of its straight forward content, explaining the full cycle of air travel and the various stages within; from the minute a destination is selected to the moment of the traveler’s arrival. Experienced travelers will also find the document dotted with some little known tips designed to enhance the overall air travel experience on and off the ground.


Booking Your Flight
Useful tips to help you book your flight efficiently.
Before You Travel
Things you need to consider before you travel.
At The Airport
General information about expected procedures at the airport including checking in, security, immigration and others.