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Vision & Mission


An Integrated and sustainable transport for a better quality of life.


Organizing, planning, developing, operating and maintaining a safe, smart, integrated and efficient transport sector for a sustainable environment that creates a happy society and stakeholders.

Values (Corporate Ethics)

The values of the Department of Transport are:

  • Teamwork: Work efficiently together to achieve objectives, regardless of different experiences, capabilities and performances.
  • Efficiency: Enhance performance with low costs, and optimally utilize available resources.
  • Excellence: Excel in performance and exceed expectations, to realize the DoT vision and mission..
  • Transparency: Make information easily available and clear to all.
  • Respect: Appreciate customers and colleagues alike, and offer courtesy to all. .
  • Happiness of the customers: Embed and sustain a culture of happiness for customers in 'Customer Happiness Centers'.


DoT is now focused on meeting the following main objectives:

  • Ensure a sustainable and efficient transport sector.
  • Create an integrated transport sector.
  • Attain financial sustainability.
  • Invest in human-capital (UAE national).
  • Imbed excellence, innovation and creativity in transport sectors.
  • Increase Customer and Community Happiness.
  • Utilize Artificial intelligence in transport sectors.