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Transport Mobility Management Strategy for Abu Dhabi Emirate

The overarching Transport Mobility Management (TMM) Strategy is composed of a number of sub-strategies that are aimed at specific target groups.

Segmentation and target group specific actions and Transport Mobility Management measures are crucial in achieving the desired outcomes.

Each sub-strategy focuses on TMM plans for the relevant target groups as well as a number of stand-alone initiatives.

The following sub-strategies are included within the overarching strategy:

  • TMM workplace travel strategy;
  • TMM education travel strategy;
  • TMM visitor travel strategy; and
  • TMM residential travel strategy.

The strategy seeks to increase choice of transportation modes and implement sustainable travel options.  It uses a mix of policies, education, information and infrastructure to address Abu Dhabi’s travel needs in a way that reduces the number of cars on the roads at any given point of time, thus reducing congestion.

The Transportation Mobility Management Strategy is a significant building block in helping Abu Dhabi fulfil its growth potential. It offers organisations and businesses the unique opportunity to play a pivotal role in having their own mobility management plan developed and executed.