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Transport Mobility Management (TMM)
Transport Mobility Management (TMM), also called Smarter Travel, Smarter Choices or Transport Demand Management, is the application of policies and strategies to reduce travel demand, number of vehicle trips generated and encourage mode shift to more sustainable forms of transport.
In addition, Transport Mobility Management (TMM) plans can contribute to wider policy objectives, such as reducing the level of pollutants in the air and encouraging healthy and active lifestyles.
The main objective of the strategy is improving the way of travel, making Abu Dhabi an attractive, efficient and healthier place for the public.
Specific initiatives in this strategy could include alternatives to single-occupancy car travel, introduction of flexible working hours, shuttle buses for employees or video-conferencing facilities.

Aims and Objectives
The development of an effective, deliverable Transportation Mobility Strategy for the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, up to the horizon year 2030.
Transport Mobility Management Initiatives
The Department of Transport will also focus on a number of individual initiatives that can be implemented outside of TMM plans.
Transport Mobility Management Strategy for Abu Dhabi Emirate
The overarching Transport Mobility Management (TMM) Strategy is composed of a number of sub-strategies that are aimed at specific target groups.
Staff Shuttle Bus
A route for a better commute!