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Supplier Services
The Supplier Services page is dedicated to you, our suppliers, to allow easy access for essential services online.
If you have already done business with the Department of Transport in Abu Dhabi you can generate your username and password through the Registration and Prequalification service and then enjoy a wide range of features included in the same service and in the Invoice Tracking service. If you have not done business with DoT and you are interested in dealing with us, please start by registering your company in our commercial directory and apply for prequalification through the online Registration and Prequalification service highlighted below.

Registration and Prequalification
Through this service, suppliers can register themselves in the Commercial Directory of the Department of Transport, apply for prequalification and track the status of their prequalification application.
Invoice Tracking
This service aims at saving our suppliers' time and efforts to obtain information on their invoices.
eProcurement System