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Speed Management

The fact that higher speeds are associated with more severe crash outcomes is well established and documented. At the same time, inappropriate speed was identified as the third most frequent cause of crashes in Abu Dhabi Emirate in 2010 and 2011.

The Department’s commitment to improving the levels of traffic and passenger safety on the roads of Abu Dhabi is reflected in the initiative that it lauched in cooperation with Abu Dhabi Police to control speed limits on the main roads of the Emirate. 

The program will seek to control vehicle speeds on main roads through four main axes: 

Axis I: The implementation of mechanisms to notify and alert drivers of the change and reduction in speed limits on main roads, such as changing the colour of the asphalt, implementing speed control tapes on the roads and  installing panels indicating new maximum speed limits. This initiative will be implemented in five new areas across Abu Dhabi city and is expected to be completed by the third quarter of 2011.

Axis II: Changing the numerals on speed limit panels from Arabic to English numerals only. This change is being made in order to increase the visibility of speed limits to all drivers. These new panels, placed every 5 km instead of the current 10 km, will constantly remind drivers of road speeds. Implementation of this initiative has already begun and is expected to be replicated on all main roads in Abu Dhabi by the second quarter of 2011. 

Axis III: The installation of panels indicating the different speed limits to alert drivers of the different speed limits allowed on different segments of the same road. This initiative was recommended by Abu Dhabi Police and will be implemented on all main roads in the city by the third quarter of 2011.   

Axis IV: Enforcing the implementation of and adherence to traffic rules and regulations through continuous police patrolling.  

Abu Dhabi city is witnessing rapid growth across various key economic sectors, which will lead to an unprecedented increase in traffic volume in the Emirate. This requires the need to take the necessary measures to ensure smooth traffic flow and improved traffic safety standards in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

The Department of Transport has developed policies and regulations that will ensure the safety of passengers and roads in Abu Dhabi. It has also devised traffic control procedures in cooperation with Abu Dhabi Police to control car speeds on main roads, thus improving the overall levels of safety on the roads in the Emirate.