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Sea Ports

Abu Dhabi has a long history in maritime trading. Historically, the main focus of Abu Dhabi’s government in the maritime sector has been on the administration of its commercial ports.

Now and in response to its ports restructuring, Abu Dhabi government’s focus is now extending to the associated institutional, regulatory and technical issues that need to be addressed in building a modern ports sector. It is also addressing issues of safety and environment in the maritime sector.

Until March 2006, the Abu Dhabi Seaports Department, functioning essentially as a government department, administered Abu Dhabi’s commercial ports. Then the legislative reforms introduced by Law No. (4) of 2006 Regarding the Creation of the Department of Transport that is amended by Law No. (5) of 2008 , abolished the Abu Dhabi Seaports Department and created Abu Dhabi Ports Company (ADPC) as a commercial company.

The ADPC is in charge of the construction, development, operation, management and maintenance of the commercial ports, whereas pursuant to Law No. (4) of 2006 and as amended by Law No. (5) of 2008, Amiri Decree No. (6) of 2006 and Executive Council’s resolutions , DoT assumes the following responsibilities:

  • Economically control and supervise the sector of ports. For this purpose, the Department is entitled to issue the required regulations and decisions to ensure the proper work progress.
  • Implement the general policy of the Emirate in the sector of marine navigation.
  • Overseeing compliance by vessels with international conventions to which the UAE is party, especially in relation to safety and pollution prevention.
  • Waterways management in the Emirate.
  • Give recommendations to develop the Emirate's seaports.
  • Cooperate with international organizations and supervisory entities to keep up with developments in seaports and shipping.
  • Oversee compliance by vessels in the Emirate’s Waters with the provisions of the concluded international agreements in this concern, especially in relation to safety, security and pollution prevention.
  • Monitor vessel and cargo traffic in ports.
  • Approve ADPC’s fees and plans for the development and upgrading of ports.
  • Present and propose recommendations to the Executive Council concerning development projects for the marine sector in the Emirate.

Before you cruise into the water, it is recommended that you check for weather updates to avoid any unexpected hazards or delays. To obtain the latest weather forecast, please click here, or contact the following numbers:

Abu Dhabi: +971.2.666 7776 (Arabic) or 7000 13000 (English or Arabic).