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Parking Management

The Department of Transport (DoT) announced in 2009 the launch of its Parking Management Programme 'Mawaqif' to tackle shortage of parking in the commercial center of Abu Dhabi Island.
This programme is designed to deliver immediate or short term benefits for drivers, residents, visitors and pedestrians in key city center locations. With four elements, each of which addresses an individual issue related to shortage of parking in Abu Dhabi, the programme aims to:

  • Issue legislation and guidelines to regulate the use of both public and private parking spaces; tightening control procedures and rigorous enforcement.
  • Introduce charges to control parking to increase parking turn over in high-demand city center locations; increasing the number of beneficiaries for each space,
  • Introduce residents’ parking schemes.
  • Develop parking facilities in identified ‘hot spots’, with new measures to improve traffic flow and increase number of parking spaces wherever possible.
  • Improve the standard of service for underground parking 

For more Information about 'Mawaqif' in Abu Dhabi and its services offered to the public, please feel free to visit www.mawaqif.ae, the official website dedicated for DoT's parking management programme for Abu Dhabi.