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Park and Ride
Park and Ride Private Service:
It is one of the initiatives of the Mobility Management programme, also known as sustainable mobility, it is a package of measures designed to change and influence the way people travel in their daily lives,
To reduce reliance on private cars and promote sustainable mobility options in order to reduce congestion and encourage travel behavior change towards sustainable modes.
Service Objectives:
  • Reduce congestion and the need to build more road capacity.
  • Transition motorists away from private cars to other modes of transport.
  • Minimize the environmental impacts resulted by high number of private cars within Abu Dhabi city.
  • Reduce parking demand
How does it work?
Park and Ride private service has been developed and provided to companies and entities with offices located close to the service sites as part of its Transport Mobility
DoT concern team is assisting organisations in setting up and operating their own Park and Ride shuttle services running from the four DoT Park and Ride sites in Abu Dhabi.
Drivers can park their cars at the free secure dedicated parking spaces by showing the Dot “Park and Ride” service permits, and enjoy a free ride on a bus dedicated to this service. Provided by their companies participating in this initiative.
There are many advantages you can benefit from when utilizing the free “park and ride” service in Abu Dhabi offered by DoT, such as:
  • Reduce time spent in traffic and finding a parking space in congested areas within the city centre of Abu Dhabi.
  • Reduce the cost of their daily travel including fuel, car maintenance and parking… etc.
  • Ensure your car is parked at a secured facility
Park and Ride Private Service Locations:
  • Zayed Sports City
  • Heritage Park
  • Corniche
  • Mother of Nation Park