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Clearance Certificate for Public Property Damage on Main Roads
Through this service, individuals can obtain a clearance certificate that can be presented to the police department in case of damage to public property on highways due to accidents.

Process description

You can apply for this certificate online through this website. Click the 'Apply now' button to proceed with the online application.


Alternatively, please follow the steps below to apply for the certificate through our customer care centers:

  1. Visit one of the Department of Transport's Customer Care Centres.
  2. Fill the application form and submit the required documents.
  3. Receive a phone call from DoT to verify the exact location of the accident.
  4. Make the necessary payment according to the DoT report assessing the public damages.
  5. Receive the clearance certificate from DoT.

Required documents

  1. Police accident report: Original.
  2. Vehicle registration: Copy.


  1. Public property damage on main roads: (According to final DoT assessment)

Special conditions

In case the payment will be done by the insurance company, DoT issues a letter directed to the insurance company specifying the damage value to be paid. Based on this letter, the insurance company issues a cheque to DoT with the specified value.

Need more information about this service? You can contact our customer service representatives through the following contact details:

Email: customer.care@dot.gov.abudhabi
Phone: 800 88888
Fax: 00971 2 6819 343