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Booking Your Flight
Where to Book
Owing to their convenience and speed, online services are a popular method by which prospective travellers can compare fares and flight availability. The majority of airlines and travel companies offer online services that allow travellers to choose the itineraries and rates that suit their needs.
In order to enjoy the best rates and options, it is recommended to visit more than one website. Keep in mind that some airlines do not offer online booking services and as such, using other contact methods, such as travel agents, may offer you better alternatives. When booking online, be sure to always provide accurate information and personal details – any mistake could be difficult and costly to rectify. Alternatively, you can ask a travel agency to assist and advise you when making the booking.
When to Book
Airlines encourage early bookings by offering competitive fares well in advance of departure. Later bookings might have different and higher fares. Some airlines may offer special promotions closer to departure dates. Waiting for these deals may be rewarding but may also be risky – as you may end up paying increased fares as the flight fills up. It is recommended to book early when travelling during peak periods to avoid disappointment.
Making a Flight Booking
Whichever method you choose for booking a flight, be sure to thoroughly check flight dates and times along with the accuracy of traveller names – these should be identical to the respective passports. Mistakes can be costly and difficult to rectify. Ensure that you also regularly check emails and text messages, as many airlines and travel agencies use them to inform customers of schedule changes and updates.  
Comparing Fares
When comparing fares, be aware of all taxes, fees and surcharges that may be payable along with the base rate of your flight. All airlines are required to display this information so that travellers are completely aware of the total cost of every booking. Some airlines may charge for holding baggage, sports equipment, etc. They may also charge for priority boarding, seating and for using a credit or debit card – be mindful of these potential costs.