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Before You Travel
Travel Documents
The integrity of your travel documents is of paramount importance. So be sure to keep them safe, secure and in line with the requirements of your journey. It is also important to make sure that your passport and visa are up-to-date as some travel agencies and countries will not accept soon-to-be expired travel documents. Check visa requirements and apply for a valid visa well ahead of the time of your travel.
The important travel documents are:
  • Travel tickets, itineraries and booking confirmations;
  • Printed boarding card or mobile boarding card (in case of online bookings);
  • Passport with a valid visa;
  • Insurance policy; and
  • Accommodation, car hire details, confirmations, etc.


When abroad, it is prudent to carry more than one method of payment. Beyond cash, try to have at least two payment cards or forms of payment that suit your needs. Prior to travelling, carefully check the expiration dates of all cards and be careful not to exceed the permitted level of carry-on cash for every country you visit. Keep your money and cards safe and secure and take note of your card details prior to your trip.
Being properly insured is of utmost importance when travelling abroad. Be sure to apply for an insurance policy that covers the activities you will be engaging in while travelling. It is important to carefully read your policy and ensure that it covers everything from health and medical care to lost valuables and flight delays.
Your baggage allowance will be specified by the airline for your particular ticket and class of travel. Check this carefully and ensure that you are aware of the allowed maximum weight along with the number of the bags allowed. Failing to do so may result in extra charges. These guidelines may also apply to carry-on baggage.