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At The Airport
A few days prior to your departure, confirm all travel dates and times. Be sure to choose a method of transportation to the airport that can accomodate all your baggage safely and securely. Arriving in time for your flight is your responsibility, the airline is not obligated to provide alternative arrangements should you fail to check-in or board on time – unless your ticket allows for such a facility.
As a general rule, check-in counters close 45 minutes to an hour before departure. Some airlines allow you to complete your check-in procedures online. In Abu Dhabi, travellers can also make use of a number of off-airport check-in facilities wherein they can complete check-in procedures and drop off baggage up to 24 hours in advance of their flight.
For your safety, airport security is designed to be thorough and comprehensive. Although procedures vary from one airport to another, a number of general guidelines can aid you in completing security checks efficiently and easily. Be sure to:
  • Keep liquids or gels easily accessible for inspection;
  • Remove laptops from hand luggage;
  • Keep metal objects such as keys and mobile phones in your hand luggage; and
  • Be prepared to remove belts and shoes.


For international flights, travellers will be required to pass through immigration control. Make sure you and accompanying travellers have passports, visas and boarding cards ready for processing. UAE airports are now E-Gate equipped – a high-end electronic system designed to expedite the immigration process quickly and easily. E-Gate cards can be obtained in advance from a number of offices, including the
Abu Dhabi Airport.
Departure Information and Facilities
Once the security and immigration procedures are complete, travellers can enjoy access to the airport’s shopping, dining and leisure facilities. Prior to approaching these facilities, be sure to check your boarding card and note the time for boarding.
Regularly check the Flight Information Display screens as departure times and boarding gates may change. Several airports, including the Abu Dhabi Airport, offer mobile applications and services that allow travellers to access flight details on their phones. It is important to remember that you may be denied boarding if you are late to arrive at the boarding gate.
Duty Free allowances vary depending on the country you are travelling to, so ensure that you are not in violation of any limits.
Please remember that most airports either prohibit smoking or restrict it to designated areas.
If Something Goes Wrong
In the event of a delay or a cancellation occurring before arriving at the airport, be sure to contact the airline or travel agent to find out when your flight is likely to depart. Once at the airport, should the airline be responsible for an extended delay, you have the right to request for amenities including refreshments, communications and – in case of severe delays or cancellations – accommodation. In severe delays, travellers may choose to go home, but only after confirming this with the airline’s representatives.
When trying to resolve complaints, declare expenses, or make an insurance claim, it is advised to have some form of supporting evidence. Keep a record of happenings, names and conversations along with receipts and flight details.
Have a safe and enjoyable trip!